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Frequently asked questions and answers

Accounting Questions

What financial software do you recommend?

The software you should use depends on the type of business, the complexity of your financial data, and the accounting staff who will be utilizing the software.  For most small businesses, Quick books is easy to use, reasonably priced, and easy to transfer files.  There are many other software packages we can review with you. 

What types of accounting projects do you handle?

We have  listed  the general work we do under services,  however, we consult with clients on a variety of accounting issues and we are happy to discuss your needs. 

How long do I need to keep my accounting information?

Since your accounting information from a business standpoint is generally the support for your tax returns, you need to keep the same length of time as your returns. 

What are the basic accounting functions my business should be performing?

There should be a timeline and cash flow for receivables and payables.  Accounts should be reconciled timely.  Budgets should be prepared and projections done to determine the current business status and for planning.  There should be a separation of accounting duties for security and accuracy.

General Questions

What are Tri Star's hours of operation?

The office is open 9 -5 Monday through Friday all year, excluding holidays.  We have extended hours during busy times and tax season.

Does Tri Star offer an initial consultation?

Yes, we do offer a free 30 minute initial consultation for our new clients. Please call for an appointment, you will almost always reach a live person!

Where is Tri Star located?

We are conveniently located in Boca Raton FL off Congress Ave, just west of the I-95 Exit for Congress Ave, #50.  

How quickly can I get an appointment?

We do our very best to work with our clients to give them an appointment as timely as possible, generally within a few days.

Tax Questions

Am I more likely to get audited if I file an extension?

There are different opinions in this area and some professionals believe you are less likely to get audited if you are extended, however, audits are generally due to high income and/or high deductions, with  other  areas the IRS may be specifically targeting for audit.  If you file an extension, it is not an extension of time to pay, just an extension of time to file.

How long do I have to keep my tax information?

The IRS can audit a return three years from the filing date, and can go back further in certain circumstances.  We recommend you keep information for documentation supporting your tax returns for eight years.  Any items of a permanent nature, such  as closing statements or business purchases, should be kept indefinitely or until disposed  of – and then eight years beyond.

When do you need my tax information?

If you want to file your return by the due date, we request  corporate information by mid-February and individual information by mid-March.  If you have the bulk of your information, send it in and let us know what is missing.

What do I do if I get an IRS notice?

You should call the office and fax or email the notice.  A notice may be informational or a request for information, but we cannot advise until we have reviewed the notice.

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