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"Shawne from TriStar is the smartest, most trustworthy accountant I have worked with in the 17 years I have been in business. She is reasonable in her fees and if there is an issue she is very quick to respond. I highly recommend her and her team."

Robin Schwanz

Founder & CEO


Business Management

We can help you improve day-to-day operations

Business Management

Business Management and Tri Star Full Service is a higher level of service for either business owners or certain individuals who require more in depth and continual assistance with their business, accounting, financial or personal responsibilities.

For the business owner, Tri Star can operate as an offsite bookkeeping, accounting office and CFO. The services can be all functions of bookkeeping and accounting staff, including bill paying, receivables, reconciliation, and financial statement preparation. The owner receives a high level of service, increased security, while keeping fees under the costs of employing an accounting staff within their business. Our active involvement in the business enables cash flow, business and tax planning to occur with enhanced quality and ease.

There are also certain professions wherein the very nature makes it difficult to handle the day to day business affairs and focus on career needs. Entertainers, athletes, models, writers and those in related fields all have special abilities and talents which may not include or allow the time to handle the business and management side of their careers. We have a long history of confidential business management of individuals in these career areas. There are also high net worth individuals who may need ongoing assistance and guidance in managing their financial responsibilities.

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